Mobile Tech Minutes — Hands on with Moblin v2.1


[wpvideo raZwRCqp w=560]

I’ve been playing a little with the latest Moblin release this afternoon and I’m actually thinking of trying to run it full-time on a netbook. There’s a few holes yet, but it does offers me much of what I’m looking for in a smartbook — a lightweight operating system and good browsing experience. My wireless broadband modem isn’t working, nor is my sound or my Bluetooth, so there’s a few gotchas just yet. The Bluetooth might be easily fixable in my netbook BIOS, but no sound on the Toshiba NB205 is a reported known bug.

In this 11 minute video, I think you’ll see why I’m walking away impressed. The user interface is intuitive, although it will take some getting used to, and the overall environment is fluid and snappy. Bear in mind that I’m running a live image from a USB drive, so an actual installation should perform even better. Maybe it’s time to turn the Toshiba into a triple-booter: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Moblin!


fullscreen in firefox usually hides behind F11, tho i guess you tapped that before checking the menus?

it looks slick indeed, to bad its only atom or later as i would love to test it on my eee900…

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