Kindle Case Lights up for Reading in the Dark


gear_diary_case-mate_kindle2_enlighten_-25-297x500After reading so many books on PDAs and phones over the past years, the lack of any lighting on my Kindle2 is a bit of drag. It’s not stopping me from reading one or two novels a week, but there are times I’d like to read without the lights on. That’s were Case-Mate’s Enlighten product comes in.

I like the outside of the case, which looks like an old leather-bound book. And on the inside is an integrated lighting system. All of the Kindle’s buttons are still available to use directly, save for the Previous Page and Next Page buttons on the left. There’s a Next Page button on the right of the Kindle, so that’s not a major issue. And Case-Mate created a spot to push the Previous Page button for use, so it’s not totally lost. Based on Judie’s review at Gear Diary, this looks like a winner to me. Sadly, the $79.95 device isn’t available until mid-December, so I’ll have to wait a bit. I’m adding this product on my letter to Santa right now.




Damn. It’s bad when it can be said that the Sony solution is half the price. But glad to hear it works well.

Gavin Miller

This is the same as the solution I have for the Sony PRS505, although the Sony version was 1/2 the price. Works quite nicely.


That looks great. I’ll be getting one as soon as they’re available. A nice solution.

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