HTC Droid Eris Gets Official


You’d almost have to have been sleeping under a rock to not have caught word of the other Droid handset coming to Verizon, the HTC Droid Eris. Everybody outside of Verizon (s vz), HTC and Google (s goog) has been talking up the Eris for a few weeks. The three companies are coming out today with the official announcement of the Droid Eris phone coming to Verizon on Nov. 6, as we already knew.

The Droid Eris is Verizon’s second phone in the Droid line, thus the name, and it is basically a more budget-oriented Android phone for Big Red. There may be some confusion with both the Droid (or is that the Droid Droid?) and the Droid Eris launching on the same day, and no doubt some customers will find the Droid Eris’ lower price makes it the preferred phone to buy.

The Eris appears to be an updated HTC Hero, and it packs the HTC Sense interface like the Hero. While the Droid comes stocked with Android 2.0, the Droid Eris (this is getting confusing, isn’t it?) runs on Android 1.5. HTC has stated that it will update the Droid Eris to 2.0 when the Sense interface is compatible with the latest OS version.

The Droid Eris will cost Verizon customers $99 after a $100 rebate, with a 2-year contract.



I’m Brian, had a LG Dare and was due the NE2 and got the HTC Droid Eris for free (lucky me). Getting delivered today and cant wait. I’m in the military, married, 3 kids(15yold girl, 4yold boy, &1yrold girl). Was going to get the Motorola Droid but read online that HTC plans on releasing an update for the Eris, and Hero that will upgrade to the Andriod 2.0 OS which would have been my only reason get get the Motorola. I hangout at to share my tricks hope you will too.


“… no doubt some customers will find the Droid Eris’ lower price makes it the preferred phone to buy.”

Figuring the TOS (total cost of ownership), just how much cheaper is the Eris over the Driod percentage-wise?

On an unrelated note, with all the buzz that the Motorola Droid is generating, why is HTC diddling about with Hero knockoffs when it could put Android 2.0 on the HD2’s hardware?


I was at the Verizon store today picking up a MiFi 2200, and I heard a rep on the phone with a customer talking about these two devices (which the rep said they were putting out on the shelves tonight after store closing). She simply called them “the Droid” and “the Eris” during the whole conversation.


Droid, droid,who is next with same names ? same like Apple comp.
everithing starts with I, is any other letter in our alphabet???
hey guys wake up!

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