Google CEO: We Won't Repeat Microsoft's Mistakes


Google (s GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt is on a bit of a Microsoft offensive. Earlier this week, while talking to press in Boston when Schmidt was asked to comment on a statement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, he said, “I’ve learned not to respond to quotes by Steve Ballmer.” Oh Snap!

“Hopefully we won’t repeat the same mistakes that Microsoft did 10 years ago that ultimately led to all these things that have been happening with them,” Schmidt zinged back today when FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto asked him about recent comparisons with Microsoft. I bet Bill Gates must have said the same about IBM (s IBM).

He also talked about Twitter and Facebook, the economy, the recession, and a whole bunch of other current events during his interview. Actually, this clip is worth watching, and Cavuto is rational in his questions. So if you have time, check it out.

Photo courtesy of Charles Haynes via Flickr.


Marl Balou

Every CEO says that their company will remain as nimble & innovative as a startup even as they gain in “weight & size”. But the natural laws go against this — as they grow the context aspect of the business grows more than the core – that results in slow decision making, being risk averse & more bureaucracy (See Geoffrey Moore’s talk on this )


Heh! Speaks volumes that you felt you needed to specify, “Cavuto is rational in his questions.”


Hmmm… Eric Schmidt got his butt kicked by MSFT while he was at Sun, and he got his butt kicked by MSFT while he was at Novell. I wonder which mistakes he is referring to?


That is a very point. People beat on MS a lot and for much of their internet endeavours it is warranted but sheeeeit…. they are still a cash-printing machine.


Oh I don’t know Chris. What about becoming a convicted monopolist? Perhaps that is a mistake to carry out a business using illegal tactics.

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