Droid vs iPhone 3GS — a Camera Shootout

droid-vs-iphone-cameraSure the Motorola Droid has a 5 megapixel camera over the 3 megapixel sensor used by the iPhone 3GS. But as most all of us know, size doesn’t matter. Put another way: more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean a better still picture. Andy Ihnatko took aim at the Droid with his review and comparison at the Sun Times, but he also has a Flickr photo set to compare output from the two cameras.

After looking at his test set, most of the iPhone photos look better to me in most cases. Of course, that’s subjective, so you should peep with your own eyes to see the difference. It looks like the advanced software camera features of the iPhone are helping to take better shots thanks to focus and exposure functions. Of course, the Droid could gain similar functionality through a software update in the future. If video is more your thing, then I’d say the Droid wins by a hair. Based on video output I’ve seen, the 720 x 480 output looks a tad better to my four eyes.


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