Droid vs iPhone 3GS — a Camera Shootout


droid-vs-iphone-cameraSure the Motorola Droid has a 5 megapixel camera over the 3 megapixel sensor used by the iPhone 3GS. But as most all of us know, size doesn’t matter. Put another way: more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean a better still picture. Andy Ihnatko took aim at the Droid with his review and comparison at the Sun Times, but he also has a Flickr photo set to compare output from the two cameras.

After looking at his test set, most of the iPhone photos look better to me in most cases. Of course, that’s subjective, so you should peep with your own eyes to see the difference. It looks like the advanced software camera features of the iPhone are helping to take better shots thanks to focus and exposure functions. Of course, the Droid could gain similar functionality through a software update in the future. If video is more your thing, then I’d say the Droid wins by a hair. Based on video output I’ve seen, the 720 x 480 output looks a tad better to my four eyes.



Steve Jobs had to buy technology from the makers of the Omnia for permission to build the iphone (all the features are copy cats from Omnia) but it still doesn’t have a video cam – u have to buy the application. i actually checked out the Omnia & it is a fine machine. the technology is more advanced. well, if iphone copied & had to buy tech rights, then that makes sense to me. the video cam is built in & tapes lengthy segments & nice voice too, the cam is 5 MP with 3 sets of adjustments- indoor/outdoor/dusk/dark , auto flash, flash, no flash, auto focus, auto focus smile; voice operated signaling for the phone to go through your apps . & it has strong capability to transfer blue tooth (iphone is very weak in this regard) & has free apps that rock– lit.. ipod like app with shuffle, randome, etc.. that plays MP3s. the iphone, though a goodphone, is just not the best phone. it just isn’t advanced enough. I mean it was not allowed to have a market in Korea for the longest time – reason- it wasn’t advanced enough. there was an article in the boston globe when it came out. It has it now as of a couple months ago, it was finally let in, but it’s considered a kids phone.

Don’t get me wrong, the iphone is a good phone but for the money it’s around the same price as the Omnia – & it’s lower tech. Dude, I like Steve Jobs & I lived next to the Apple Comp. Park in Cupertino where they brainchilded it but it’s not like I want to be like every other uninformed iphone groupie- ya know?.


Droid camera is not better- 10 years to start 2 to focus and another 5 after taking the pic :c I like the phone but not the camera.


I have Verizon and I am switching to AT&T because it gets way better service in my area and has better costumer service.

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I am a Verizon customer, I want the IPHONE but hate as many others, ATT’s poor service. If Verizon sold the IPHONE, first they would bring the ATT customers back, and then they would take the market. Its so simple focus on the problem.

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