Leaked Memo Advises AT&T Employees On How To Respond To ‘There’s A Map For That’ Lawsuit


Credit: Erictric

The spat between AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) over Verizon’s


joe w.

why is it they AT&T, have to push the more bars in more places? what's the statistic of customers traveling outside USA? I want the truth: who has the fastest 3g network for my $30 unlimited plan? who has the most coverage from scottsdale to providence? these are the questions?


So according to this Verizon is correct. They advertize 5 times more "3G" coverage. At&t's according to this does have a 2.5 edge coverage elsewhere. I find it funny when I go to At&t's website their map shows national data coverage that is not sooo bad however their commercials advertise a type of coverage that is weak in comparison. Who should be the one being sued for misleading advertising?

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