Thank You, Google, For Firing Up the Smartphone Space

Dear Google Android People,

htc-hero-browser-landscapeI would like to thank you for lighting a fire under the butt of smartphone makers by releasing Android into the mix. The smartphone world had been languishing for quite some time, unusual for such a young market. The major players prior to the launch of Android were Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and the iPhone. Each of these platforms have its own strengths, but none of them were imaginative enough to catch the eyes of both consumers and industry players.

Windows Mobile had been basically unchanged for so, so long that it was embarrassing. Symbian was trying valiantly to slap a smartphone veneer over a feature phone interface, but many weren’t buying it. Research In Motion was trying to make a major move with the keyboard-less Storm, and while it was a major innovation for them, it turned out to be largely ho-hum for the market.

Apple continued to sell truckloads of iPhones, but the excitement factor was beginning to wane. Each iteration of the phone began to resemble “more of the same”, primarily because they were. The smartphone space was looking for something, anything to ignite passion into a staid scene, and along you came with Android.

It can’t be argued that Android hasn’t turned up the excitement factor a notch or two. There is almost continual buzz about this Android phone, or that one. It seems as if everyone and his smartphone making brother is working on getting an Android phone to market. Even the non-techie consumer space is getting invaded, with major advertising for Android phones invading consumer’s awareness.

Google, you have single-handedly done for the smartphone segment what no one had been able to do except Apple. While the buzz around Android is not as big as that surrounding the original iPhone, it is growing every day. You have our attention, and I thank you for that. Keep innovating, like you’ve done most recently with Google Maps Navigation, and you’ll be everywhere. And we all know you want to be everywhere.


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