Acer Liquid Previewed — A Step Above Vanilla Android


nemoplayer_photo_smallArne Hess got his hands on the Acer Liquid Android handset and likes what he sees. Liquid runs Android 1.6 on a 1 GHz Snapdragon, but Acer has under-clocked it down to 768 MHz. That should help the 1,350 mAh battery get through the day, pending usage. For the most part, Acer stuck to the standard Google Android build, but adds a few nice bits here and there:

“While keeping the Android flavor, Acer did a good job in enhancing Google’s Android platform wherever necessary. Sure, it’s not yet perfect, I would like to see an improved soft-keyboard as well as a kind of smart-dialing application for faster contacts access, but the multimedia and social networking integration makes the Acer Liquid a real fun device, which stays connected to your social networks. Now, all it needs is a Twitter client/integration also and it would be my perfect social media phone.”

Arne points out that Liquid comes with DataViz’s RoadSync to provide Microsoft Exchange support. Acer also supplemented the basic Android music player with nemoPlayer for a little extra audio enjoyment.

The overall look and feel of the device appears a little bland to me, but sometimes a minimalist design can go a long way. Arne’s preview is definitely worth the look if you’re pining for a Snapdragon-powered Android unit — I just wish he had done a video of the device responsiveness and performance. I’m sure one will turn up soon.

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