How Mayor Bloomberg Did As A Digital Campaigner


If you have a war chest of $16 billion to throw at TV and print advertising, you don’t need to mess around with piddly little banner ads, right? Well, while Mayor Bloomberg did indeed blitz New Yorkers with print mailers and TV ads, he didn’t exactly ignore the digital front. His campaign spent at least $2.1 million on online ads, or about 2.5 percent of the $85 million he has disclosed he put into the mayoral race.

He’s no Barack Obama — the president spent about 3.5 percent of the $744 million he raised on internet media, according to — but it’s a perfectly respectable showing.

Bloomberg’s web ads ran the gamut from an endorsement by New York Yankee Jorge Posada to attack ads that the NYT said accused rival Bill Thompson of not creating jobs and of being corrupt. Bloomberg mostly relied on interactive media firm Connections Media, records show.

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