Bewkes Memo: Extending TV Everywhere Model To Publishing


Credit: AP Images

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) has four top goals: taking advantage of scale and brands; cost cutting and keeping costs down; international expansion; and finding new business models. Ok, five if you include spinning off AOL. All of them came up in a morning staff memo from CEO Jeff Bewkes timed to coincide with Q3 earnings — and hundreds of layoffs. The bulk of his message (full text embedded below) is about the ways Time Warner is trying to address the new business model goal, including TV Everywhere, which is he says is going faster than expected; extending TV Everywhere to publishing through e-readers and other devices; and tests of VOD windowing. No mention of those Time Inc. layoffs, by the way.

To: Time Warner Colleagues
From: Jeff Bewkes
Subject: Innovating for Future Success


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