BlackBerry Buzz — Badda Boom, Badda Bing, on the Storms

blackberry-buzzIt’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our weekly feature, BlackBerry Buzz. The Buzz is where you’ll find out what’s been going on in the BlackBerry brambles. You’ll hear about everything that’s worth knowing in the awesome world of the BlackBerry.

Microsoft is getting serious about Bing — first with a new site optimized for mobile usage and then pushing Bing out to Storm handsets. Owners of the Verizon Storm should see a Bing icon appear at some point, which installs a web app for using the search engine. The app is designed to take advantage of the large touchscreen on the Storm.

You may be getting tired of all the hoopla surrounding the Verizon Droid announcement, but it is big news even in the BlackBerry world. Verizon has been a big partner for Research In Motion with the BlackBerry, and analysts are predicting that Big Red will be pushing the hot Droid over the BlackBerry line. RIM shares dropped in price, due to the quiet Verizon launch of the Storm2, according to Deutsche Bank. It will certainly be worth watching to see what Verizon does with the BlackBerry line once the Droid is shipping.

Speaking of Big Red, they are not resting on the Droid and the Storm2. Rumor has it the Curve2 will be launched on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. When asked why it is bombarding customers with so many smartphone choices, Verizon’s response was classic — “best network, best smartphones.”


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