App Store Too Bulky? There’s an App for That — Chorus

You iPhonistas put off heading to the App Store because it’s just too vast? Too many aisles, too many apps to possibly wade through? If only there was a way to get people you trust to recommend good apps to prevent you having to mindlessly search over and over? There’s an app for that. Chorus will need some time in the wild to get the recommended user database built up, but it’s a solid idea that may come in awfully handy.


Chorus replaces the App Store with a nice interface, and essentially does away with “Top Lists.” Those are strictly determined by number of downloads, and we all know that’s not a reliable indicator of which apps are the gems. No, Chorus only picks top apps based on recommendations from trusted users. These include those you designate over time as your personal advisors. There really is an app for everything.

(via Gizmodo)