Glam Who? Glam Media Faces French Competition From Glam One

Before it has even launched in France, Glam Media is facing competition from a French online media company with a very similar name. Glam One, which owns more than 400 domains and five vertical content networks, on Tuesday announced the launch of its “vertically integrated social media platform” (release). Sound familiar? It should: Glam Media has for years marketed itself as a “vertical content network”.

Glam Media plans to launch in France next year, following roll-outs in the UK, Australia, Canada,Germany and Japan. But there’s a snag: seven-year-old Glam One owns the “Glam” trademark in France and in a shot across Glam Media’s bows it uses its release to remind people that “all unauthorised use of these brands could lead to counterfeiting penalties”.

The two Glams have similar names but different business models and audiences: Media is based around women- and men- specific content, whereas One’s sites are based around interaction between people in specific professions such as actors and directors and freelancers.

But look out: CEO Arnaud Fischer — a former director of search at *AOL* — says on his LinkedIn page that the “Glam One platform is already available as a white label enterprise solution to deploy your own talent and advertising network”. That’s broadly similar to what Glam Media does so it is possible the two companies’ sales teams could try to win business from the same content clients with advertising solutions.

We contacted Glam Media for comment on Tuesday and will update if we hear anything. Update: Glam Media has declined to comment on this but we hope to hear more on their expansion plans soon.