My Mobile Tech Wanna-Haves

ThinkingCapAs we head into the year-end holiday season, the companies that produce gadgets are working overtime to make sure that geeks like me are building a wish list. The problem is with holiday gift season drawing nigh, our own wishes are not something we can fill. Not and keep peace at home, anyway. With that in mind I present my current wish list full of gadgets. The list changes almost daily, and is subject to major revisions at a moment’s notice. That’s the legacy of being a geek. This is by no means the only gadgets I would like to have, just the major ones of the moment.


In no particular order, as I am rather indiscriminate when it comes to wanting new toys:

Dell Latitude Zwireless charging. That’s all I need to say about that.

Latitude Z

Barnes & Noble Nook — eReader library access with two screens. ‘Nuff said.


Verizon Droid — best Android phone on my own carrier. Not eligible for upgrade though, and that makes me sad.


Apple Tablet – my membership in the geek’s guild requires this to be on my list.



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