Foo Fighters Draw 440,000 Live Streams to Web-Only Show

The Foo Fighters’ live show on Friday night came with little fanfare outside of the band’s core fanbase, but it delivered 2 hours and 45 minutes of greatest hits to more than 150,000 viewers around the world. The video drew 440,000 total live streams, with a max of 20,000 at any one time.

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LivestreamFooAiring on Livestream (both web and iPhone) and Facebook and produced and powered by Livestream out of the band’s private Los Angeles studio, the show was for once not a broadcast of a pre-existing concert. And while it played, the band responded to Facebook comments and took song requests from users. We had argued the Foo Fighters should have tried to monetize the live show since it’s such a great product with a great audience, but you can’t deny it was cool for the band to give this to their fans.

The Foo Fighters show came less than a week after U2 also webcast a concert internationally (though only to certain countries), in that case a show at the Rose Bowl distributed and publicized by YouTube. Where the Foo Fighters had 440,000 total streams, YouTube said U2 had nearly 10 million. To be fair, it’s not very nice to compare any band to U2; see this Google Trends comparison.

U2-Foo Fighters


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