Damn, Yankees Top Twitter in World Series Mentions

We may be veering off too far into sports territory here, but the World Series is a video event, so we’ll go ahead and post the news that not only are the New York Yankees up 3 – 1 over Philly, A-Rod and Co. are also being out-Tweeted over the Phillies. According to Trendrr, the Yankees dominated the social media buzz last week, averaging roughly 35,000 Twitter posts a day, and the Phillies have averaged just 20,000. New York peaked early in the week with more than 76,000 Tweets about the team (how many of them were from @om?).


Elsewhere, even when the program is on a two-week break, Glee still bests other TV shows in terms of Tweets. Gleeks haven’t had much to Twitter about so the total number of posts dropped to just 14,313 last week from a high of nearly 57,000 two weeks ago. Dexter still has a grip on the list with more than 6,500 Tweets at its bloody peak, and an appearance by American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert pushed Oprah into fifth place.