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Welcome to the Technosphere: “Having mastered indoor ski slopes and mass desalination, Dubai just unveiled its massive Technosphere, a biological bubble oddly similar to Disney’s Epcot Center (or the Death Star), meant to simulate future climates and test sustainable technology.” — VentureBeat

Winners and Losers of Cap and Trade: A new analysis from Point Carbon finds the cap and trade system under consideration in Washington will barely make a dent in the huge sales of oil companies, while power companies with lots of coal will be hardest hit by the legislation. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Go, Go, Methanol Fuel Cell Gadget: A growing number of electronics companies are looking at direct methanol fuel cells, which convert the liquid fuel methanol into electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and methanol, to extend the life of power-hungry devices, such as laptops and mobile phones. — CNET’s Green Tech

Daimler to Set Up Alt-Car R&D in Michigan: German automaker Daimler (s DAI) has decided to open a new engineering office in Redford Township, Mich., which will focus on all manner of alternative powertrains. — Autoblog Green

Will Solar Crash the Smart Grid?: “What happens when 20 percent or more of the homes in a neighborhood go solar and a cloud passes overhead? That changes a neighborhood of solar power producers to utility power customers in a matter of minutes.” — Greentech Media