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Keller’s Guess: NYT ‘Within Weeks Of Decision’ On Charging For Online

One of the longest-running guessing games for New York Times insiders and observers may be nearing an end: will the paper charge again for content online and what form would a pay program take? Now after months of deliberation, Executive Editor Bill Keller tells Public Editor Clark Hoyt he guesses a decision is coming “within a matter of weeks.” And yet it doesn’t sound like he sees a straight path to that decision:

5 Responses to “Keller’s Guess: NYT ‘Within Weeks Of Decision’ On Charging For Online”

  1. At least it is the right direction. Now let's hope that other content owners and publishers will follow.

    BTW for those who claim that "paid" is always worse that "free" check this:

    It seems that social networks can also be better off by treating the ad-supported model as just one of many options available right now — not the dominant or only possible one.

  2. The big problem here is that the NYT is going to end up as the patsy as opposed to leading the charge. This move is ill-conceived and doesn't take into account the herd mentality of a public backlash! If I were running the paper, I would have spent a long time charting a course towards a really 'valuable' membership option for subscribers. One they can feel proud of. Not just a sudden s**w you, show us the money attitude!

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  3. Anne Myers

    The last time the NYT decided to charge for access, it was modeled for individual subscriptions. Libraries and organizations who wanted to provide access for multiple users were told that each of them could get their own subscription, which was not very practical or well presented. We would pay for continued access but it needs to be problem-free and not make me jump through hoops for the content.

  4. Phoebe Spanier

    It's always difficult to ask people to pay for what they previously received free. Hulu looks to be planning to charge for additional content access – a good approach. But can the NYT offer an attractive premium service beyond what's currently free online?