Earth2Tech Week in Review


The Winners and Losers in the Smart Grid Stimulus Funds: The $3.4 billion in smart grid stimulus fund awards were announced this week and close to 100 recipients woke up today to the equivalent of Christmas morning — here’s a chart showing 13 of the biggest winners.

What the ARPA-E Bets Mean for the Future of Green Cars: The Department of Energy also handed out $151 million in grants under its high-risk energy tech fund, ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy). When it comes to choosing ideas for transforming the auto industry and cleaning up transportation, how wisely is the agency placing its chips?

The Tech Vendors That Will Cash in on the Smart Grid Stimulus Funds: The $3.4 billion in stimulus funds for smart grid projects will be doled out to about 100 utilities and cities. But the tech vendors — smart meter makers, network software developers, wireless sensor gear companies — will see those funds flow down in the form of contracts.

How an ARPA-E Grant Can Transform a Startup: Given that 2-year-old battery materials developer Envia Systems had previously announced only $3.2 million in venture capital financing, scoring $4 million in government funds this week has shifted the playing field for the startup.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Renewables to Overtake Energy Incumbents Within Decade: At the Solar Power International conference in Anaheim, Calif., this week, Kennedy called his support of greentech “the most subversive thing I’ve ever done,” and urged renewable-energy advocates to start showing their strength on Capitol Hill.

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