Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 300 Titles

palm-pre-app-catalogFor those keeping score in the mobile software wars, it’s roughly 100,000 to 10,000 to 300. That’s the number of available apps for iPhone, Android, and webOS devices, respectively. Although the number of apps for Palm is relatively much smaller, it is growing at a decent clip now. But I really thought it would move along a little quicker. After all, the bulk of the application coding — aside from the SDK that provides functionality to access the hardware and such — is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

findapps_2009-30-10_104139Palm’s big push was that it’s easy to code webOS apps, so the thought was that developers would jump on it. Unfortunately, lower sales than that of its competitors isn’t giving devs the incentives they need. Oh well, there’s still some good apps in there and more on the way.

I’m now trying to decide if I need a dedicated RSS reader for my Pre, because I saw Scoop for $0.99. The screen shots looks decent and the app works directly with Google Reader, which I use. Scoop supports the “starring” feature of Google Reader, which is handy for saving interesting reads. Article sharing works too, so I have to figure out if I want a client for RSS or if the mobile Google Reader site is good enough. I’m not thrilled with how the Google’s mobile RSS works in landscape, so Scoop is probably worth the buck. I spent more than that on my cup of WaWa coffee this morning, so I’ll probably spring for Scoop. ;)


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