MobileTechRoundup 188 – iCan’t Stop Saying DROID


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HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


iDon’t know who’s buying a DROID on the show.
Who’s the big “loser” with Droid/Verizon? Could it be BlackBerry?
Mayans pull the plug on MSN Direct in 2012.
Google Maps Navigation beta — did this just wipe out PNDs?

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why does BB, Palm, iPhone have to suffer because of the Droid? why cant you guys just be positive about another good phone being on the market? its like everytime a new phone is released you have to be positive about it & negative about the phones currently out, does that immature approach get you more page hits?

mapping companies have nothing to worry about for now with Goog’s new service as long as its only on Android. thats a laughably small user base to be concerned over. how many people will leave their phone/contract, get a new phone/contract JUST for Goog GPS?

you guys are starting to act less savvy & more mainstream like the stock market, Palm/Apple stock goes down on the Droid announcement, Tom2/Gar stock goes down on Goog GPS announcement. then when the hype goes away you all come to your senses, rinse & repeat. i say wait 48 – 72 hours before posting in depth thoughts on new tech to avoid more embarrassment. never make decisions based on emotion…

Kevin C. Tofel

Um, why exactly should we simply be positive about a new phone when we found particular flaws that are causing us to keep our wallets in our pockets? If you think the Droid will meet your needs, by all means, I suggest you buy it. The best device for you has to be your choice, not ours. The Droid certainly has some great features, but considering the features/functions of the dozen-plus phones we own between the three of us, why is it a bad thing if we found some flaws as they pertain to our needs and preferences? Should we not point them out as things for others to consider?

And nobody said that BB, Palm, iPhone would suffer because of the Droid. (What podcast did you listen to? Surely it wasn’t this one. ;)) We did touch upon BB possibly taking a hit since they’re big on Verizon. With Droid there’s now some Android competition that wasn’t there, but we specifically pointed out that BB and Android appeal to different users. Where exactly did you get Palm and iPhone out of that?

I don’t think Android is a “laughably small user base,” but it’s certainly not the market leader, so point taken. However, it’s pretty easy to observe what today’s market is made of. My son can do that, and he’s 12. :) We’re looking *ahead* at where we think the market will be. Hence, we see Android’s growth as well as impact on the GPS market. Did we say the current GPS players should pack it in now? No. Did we point out that Garmin lost $1.2b in market cap – yes. That’s a fact and we simply stated the fact.

It’s totally fine if you don’t like the show, but don’t like it for real reasons — not manufactured ones.


Well said! I, for one, enjoy the show and the tight well presented show.

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