How to Be Productive at Home


Over on our sister blog jkOnTheRun, James has published a great list of tips on how to be a productive home worker. They include:

  • Set up a comfortable home office
  • Make a separate work zone
  • Music can play a big role
  • Software tools are key
  • Keep a real work schedule
  • Get out with people
  • Dress the part

I agree with all of his tips, but especially “Get out with people” (working in isolation over long periods can get me down and damage my productivity) and “Dress the part” (getting properly dressed every morning sets me up for the day as it means that it’s time to work). For more detail on why each of these points is important, read James’ post.

Share your home working productivity tips below.


Achaessa James, CEP

Essential equipment – wireless keyboard and mouse, docking station and flat panel screen.

Experience – I’ve been a remote worker for 3 years now. Our company issues laptops. I found that the tightly-grouped keyboard created wrist strain, and the forced lower position of the screen created neck strain. Then I wore out my mousepad in 6 months and bought a wireless mouse and keyboard set – wrist and neck tension disappeared as I was able to elevate the laptop screen to a better height and the standard-width keyboard eliminated the awkward inward wrist angle. A few months later I took a trip to the office where all of the cubes are set up with docking stations and 19″ flat panel screens. The larger viewing area was a real enhancement because I work with many applications at one time, so I signed out a docking station and screen for my home office.

Lesson – Be sure to ask what resources your HQ has available. Go ahead and spring for what your office doesn’t cover – some equipment is worth it’s weight in massages and physical therapy bils. Your home office is an investment in your career – and in your health and wellbeing.

Robert Dempsey

If you have a kids (or any family) at home during the week, I also suggest having office hours. That way you can tell your son/daughter that you are at work and keep that structure and predicability in their lives. Only it’s better as you get to have lunch and take breaks with them :)

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