How to Add Facebook Events to a Google Calendar

Even though my Palm Pre supports Facebook contact info through the webOS Synergy function, I’ve barely used it. The main reason is because most of my Facebook friends aren’t people I contact outside of Facebook. But the Events functionality of Facebook is becoming more useful as I reconnect with hundreds of old classmates — as a group we use the Events function for impromptu meetings and formal events like reunions. The only problem is that I live by my Google Calendar. By that, I mean: if it’s not on the calendar, I don’t know about it, nor can you expect me to be a part of whatever event you think I know about. ;)

google-calendar-facebookThank goodness for this tip from Sean Bonner that Lifehacker found: it’s actually quite easy to add your Facebook Events to a Google Calendar account. On your Facebook Events page, look for and tap the “Export Events” option. Facebook will show you a URL — just copy it. Hop into your Google Calendar and look for the “Add” option in the “Other Calendars” section. Click “Add”, then “Add by URL,” and paste the event URL address you copied from Facebook. That’s it. Once done, you should have a new calendar called Facebook in your Google Calendars.

Bear in mind that this is a one-way sync from Facebook Events to your Google Cal. You can’t add Events in Facebook with this method. However, on the Google side, you can choose to show or hide this calendar or customize the color and notification methods. Even better — if your phone can sync with Google Calendar, you can get the Facebook Events on your handset. Thanks to the Agenda homebrew app on my Palm Pre, I have my Events showing with all of my other appointments. Yup, that last event proves I’m not a young man anymore, considering I graduated high school in 1987. ;)



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