Flip Video Set-top Box Unearthed?

Flip (s CSCO) video cameras are known for being stupidly simple, but the product’s migration to the big screen looks to be a pretty complicated affair, if what Dave Zatz is reporting is true. Flipping through FCC product announcements, Zatz found a “FlipShare TV” product manual.


From the looks of it, the set-up has three components: a box you plug into your TV, a remote control and a USB stick. Plug the USB stick into your computer and the box into your TV (via composite or HDMI) and wirelessly stream recorded video to your television. No other details, such as a ship date or pricing, were included. When we contacted Cisco for comment, a rep emailed us with:

We do not comment on alleged products coming to market. As with all our products, we will announce through proper disclosure channels when products are ready and available to our customers.

Granted, we know next to nothing about this supposed box, but it seems clumsy for the usually elegant Flip line. And while this product appears to be targeting families that want to share video easily and may not want to upload it to the Internet, do people really want yet another box under their TV for the sole purpose of watching home movies? Plus any simplicity you gain from not uploading is essentially lost when you have to use two separate devices. It would be cool to see Flip develop its own Roku channel and eliminate the extra set-top hardware. We’ll see if a formal announcement comes in time for the holiday season.