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Fall TV Season Boosts Online Video Stats

Though the summer season did little to slow web video down, the last four weeks of fall TV helped drive September viewing to new highs, with nearly 26 billion videos delivered to more than 168 million U.S. users, another all-time record, according to comScore. Hulu  jumped back to second place behind Google/YouTube with 583 million views after sliding to the fourth place last month. Of course, YouTube obliterated everyone else’s numbers, with 10.3 billion measured video views. And Hulu watchers are real content junkies, each seeing an average of 15.1 videos lasting a total of 1 hour and 32 minutes.


TV networks did especially well on the Top 10 chart for most unique viewers. Fox Interactive, CBS, Viacom, Hulu, NBC and Turner all made the list.


The other big jump for the month was percentage of U.S. Internet users watching online video; we’re now at 84.4 percent, up from 81.6 percent last month. And the duration of an average video held steady at 3.8 minutes, with the average viewer watching 9.8 hours of video throughout the month (but that’s not entirely lost productivity; remember, you can fold laundry while watching online video!).

The top video ad network by both potential and actual delivered reach was Tremor Media.


Meanwhile, back in the world of traditional distribution, fall season broadcast network ratings are not exactly looking pretty. Fox and CBS are up 5 percent and 4 percent, respectively, while everyone else is down (see the chart from TVByTheNumbers).


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