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Corrected: ISPs’ Campaign Against Mandelson’s Disconnection Plans Grows Louder

Correction: In an earlier version of this post we mistakenly quoted Struan Robertson from Pinsent Mason – the views are now correctly attributed to Euan Lawson from Michael Simkins.

Lord Mandelson has committed the government to tough, French-style measures to warn suspected illegal file-sharers — but the ISPs that will have to eventually cut off the internet connection of the very worst offenders are protesting loudly and even threatening legal action.

TalkTalk’s executive director of strategy and regulation Andrew Heaney told that if the government does move to disconnect users, the company would “would look to appeal the decision [to the courts] because it infringes human rights.” He says that if suspected offenders are treated as guilty until proven innocent, it would “substitute proper judicial process for a kangaroo court” and “lead to wrongful accusations.” The Carphone Warehouse-owned ISP is building a campaign through its site, which urges users to sign petitions against the plans.

— The country’s biggest ISP BT (NYSE: BT) weighs in with its own statement of opposition: “BT remains concerned about some aspects of the Government

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