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With Droid, Motorola Has Nowhere to Go But Up

droid-by-motorola-front-open-vzw-eye1Motorola’s (s mot) free-fall in the mobile phone space it once dominated continued in the most recent quarter: The company’s wireless revenues fell 46 percent to $1.7 billion during the period as its market share eroded to a mere 4.7 percent. And while Motorola managed to surprise investors by turning a $12 million profit, the plunging handset sales were just the latest in the stumble in the company’s slide toward irrelevance.

The company has joined the crowded Android bandwagon in an effort to reverse its fortunes, and it’s sure to receive a boost from all the hype surrounding the upcoming launch of the Verizon Droid. In the meantime, we have an answer to Om’s year-old question about how low Moto can go: very low indeed.


4 Responses to “With Droid, Motorola Has Nowhere to Go But Up”

  1. I think the droid will compete heavily with the iphone because people hate AT&T so much. If you could get an Iphone with Verizon, there would be no compeitition. It looks like the exclusivity deal with AT&T is going to end up costing Apple a slice of market share.

  2. I am interested in seeing how these new phones do in the market. So far, the marketing buzz for their Android phones have mostly been from Verizon. This makes sense since its the traditional approach for mobile in the US, but it does discount Moto’s ability to build upon it with future handsets, as Apple has done with the iPhone. While this may give Moto a nice win short term, even if its crazy successful, its can’t compare to Apple’s branded approach.