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Watch NBA Games Live On Your iPhone

Liz at NewTeeVee has the scoop and a preview of the future of live sports (or at least basketball) on your iPhone.


The NBA is launching a new iPhone app that will let you watch live NBA games wherever you are (class, work, bathroom…you get the idea). To access the 40+ live games that will be made available each week, you’ll need to shell out $39.99 for the season to get an NBA League Pass Mobile subscription.

The app has some snazzy features like DVR, on-demand access, and push alerts. To get the complete low-down, including a slew of screenshots, read the full post over at NewTeeVee.

16 Responses to “Watch NBA Games Live On Your iPhone”

  1. If you purchase the app can you then watch it on your home television through the apple tv converter box? if so, this would be worth the cost since its around $179 for the league pass.

  2. $40 is an amazing price. I just don’t really need it ’cause I already have regular League Pass. Still, would definitely get it if I traveled a lot. And I thought about it even though I don’t, just because it’s cool.

  3. I am sick of sports blackouts. Why do they think anyone would buy this app if they are not able to see their home team play???? You still watch advertisements on the phone so whats the big deal?? lol i know this is not the place for this rant but still, stop with the blackouts!!

  4. This is very awesome. Their League Pass for the web is something like $130 for the whole season and lets you watch 3 games at once, but for $40 I’d gladly go for this app.

  5. Get me an NHL app that does this for less than $40 a month and we’ll talk. I really only want to watch one team anyway. Hook up a one team package for about $5 a month and we’ll start talking.