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Verizon: Our Network Can Handle the Droid

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37875Verizon (s vz), with the launch of the Droid phone, is being either incredibly confident or amazingly arrogant about its network performance (I suppose it could also just think that the Droid phone won’t be a data-consuming blockbuster hit). Yesterday, Telephony Online quoted a Verizon regional data sales director as saying that it wasn’t planning any network overhaul to keep up with the Droid, that in fact Verizon welcomed the data deluge.

“We’re encouraging it,” said Arvin Singh, VZW director of data sales for the Illinois-Wisconsin region. “We’re anticipating the Droid will be a blockbuster, but we’re not adding any new backhaul or new EV-DO carriers for the launch. We’re not anticipating the network will take a hit on this.”


The comment story does a great job of highlighting the differences between AT&T’s (s T) and Verizon’s network, and underscores AT&T’s network problems that it experienced after folks began using their iPhones as Steve Jobs undoubtedly intended. With its “What me? Add backhaul?” attitude, Verizon clearly hopes that over time the experience using the Droid vs. the iPhone will also highlight the differences in the two carriers’ networks equally as well.

6 Responses to “Verizon: Our Network Can Handle the Droid”

    • Stacey Higginbotham

      Guys, I am quoting a Telephony story, but I meant to say that the story rather than the comment does a good job illustrating the differences in the two networks ( I fixed that). So yes, the sales trash talk, I get. I even mocked it a bit.

  1. My guess is that VZW is viewing data overload from Droid as a good problem to have. They will have to sell handsets at the iPhone rate. Also, they likely have less traffic other smartphones and laptops than AT&T.

    Maybe they think iPhone users complain louder and more self-entitled. But the reality is that if they repeat AT&T’s iPhone performance issues, the reaction will be the same. So they should not be so smug, and prepare to handle any traffic surges.

  2. You’re talking to a sales person, and a regional one at that. “amazingly arrogant” is a phrase that often comes to mind. along with “big mouth” and “lack of understanding of the big picture beyond my commission check.”