Using Twitter Lists Instead of Google Reader

In an interesting follow-up to Dawn’s post earlier this week, “Is Twitter Replacing the RSS Reader?” — which generated some fairly heated discussion in the comments — Robert Scoble has posted “Why I don’t use Google Reader anymore” in which he describes why he no longer uses Google Reader, preferring instead to rely solely on Twitter (and its new Lists feature) to keep up to date. Scoble uses Twitter’s new Lists feature (which Darrell wrote about earlier this month) to organize his Twitter stream and keep it easily digestible.

Helpfully, Scoble has provided links to four of his Twitter Lists as examples:

Twitter has only just started to roll out the Lists feature (it’s not enabled on my account, for example) so you might not be able to access them yet.

Personally, I still think that RSS readers are useful, but I know that I don’t check mine as religiously as I used to (maybe just once per day in the morning), as I know that I’ll discover anything really important through Twitter. I don’t think I’m ready to drop Google Reader just yet, though.

How about you? Will Twitter Lists make you consider dumping your RSS reader?


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