Remember the Milk for iPhone Gets Smart Add Goodness


ss_smartaddI’ve made no secret of how I use Remember the Milk for all my task management needs. One of the strengths for me is the way RTM works on so many different platforms, so making it always in my pocket when I need it. The RTM folks let me know that the iPhone version of the program has just been updated. The new update brings Smart Add capability to the iPhone version.

What is Smart Add? That’s the natural language method for task entry that the program properly translates into a real task. You can create tasks like “Pick up the milk tomorrow”, “Order stationery #work”, “Return books in 2 weeks @Library” and the program will intelligently make the proper entry into your task list. A good program just got better, and that’s always a good thing.

RTM for the iPhone requires a Pro account, and that is currently $25 for a one year subscription. The Pro account opens up the ability to use RTM on the iPhone, Android phones and more.



Hello all together,

I have one question to “RTM”. The IPhone App I saw on a friends IPhone was great. But one remark from my side. Is there a app planed for the palm pre?

best regards


James Kendrick

I don’t know if they are working on a Pre version but I wouldn’t be surprised. Meanwhile, I use the iPhone web page to work with RTM and it works OK.

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