Palm Press — An AT&T Pre While Sprint Backs the Wrong Horse?

palm-pressIt is Thursday and that means it’s time for another Palm Press. Palm Press is our weekly look at the world of Palm. Poor Palm. It seems that Android is the only topic in the tech world these days, leaving Palm and webOS in the dirt. One rumor about Palm that has cropped up has AT&T getting the Pre, even before Verizon. This rumor came from someone who claims that a Palm rep gave a demo of the Pre on their network. There’s little doubt that AT&T would like to get hot phones like the Pre on their roster, given that every week a rumor crops up that the iPhone will be going elsewhere one day.

Sprint doled out its latest financial information this week and the pictures wasn’t exactly rosy. The carrier still saw a big drop in contract subscribers, and is trying to offset that with prepaid customers. GigaOM is asking if Sprint didn’t back the wrong horse in the Pre, as sales numbers have obviously not brought Sprint back into the black.

Palm and Sprint are also getting ready for the launch of the Pixi, the next webOS entrant. The Pixi is a candy-bar handset that is thinner and cheaper than the Pre. Gear Diary has taken a look at the Pre and Pixi, and have published a good comparison of the two phones. It sheds light on exactly how the two phones differ, and makes it easier to determine which will fit a given need better.


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