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Get Organized With Twitter's Lists Feature

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Twitter has finally implemented Lists, a much-needed feature. Assuming you have Lists enabled (and Twitter is still rolling it out, so some folks won’t have access to it yet) there is now a Lists button on every person’s page; its really easy to use. You might think of “Lists” as a way to sort the people you follow into common groups, making it easier to find them in the noisy Twitter stream.

Add to List

I’ve created four lists: Marketing, PRmedia (public relations pros and others who work with media), WEP (writer, editor and publisher) and DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). They’re all public, so anyone can see them. You can also create private lists for your eyes only.

You can check out my lists to see who’s in them, and “Follow the list.” This adds my list to yours, but you won’t be able to edit it. You can also unfollow my list anytime. It’ll take me a while to get everyone on my lists, but it’ll be good to use that instead of Hootsuite’s groups, which only allows you to add 50 people per group.

Twitter Lists in Sidebar

Here’s how to create a new list:

  1. Sign in Twitter (obviously)
  2. Click “New List” in your Twitter sidebar. (Screen shot above.)
  3. Enter a name for the list. (See next screen shot.)
  4. Select Public or Private, depending if you want to share your list or not.
  5. Click Create List.

Create a New List

Here’s how to add people to the list:

  1. Go to a person’s page either by searching, entering URL or clicking the name from within Twitter.
  2. Click Lists.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) to add the person to list(s).

That’s it. If you’re looking at a user and decide to create a new list, you can do that using the “Add People to Your List” steps. In the Lists popup, there’s an option for “New List.” You can access your lists on your home page. Click the list to see the latest tweets and it turns down the Twitter volume for you!

Here’s a closed-captioned screencast on how to create lists:

You can do so much with these lists. Create lists consisting of:

  • Competitors
  • People in your industry
  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Topics (writers covering specific beats can create topics with these beats for access to resources)
  • Friends
  • Fun (we all need a laugh)
  • News
  • RSS Reader replacement: Use Twitter Lists instead of Google Reader.

Go crazy! Oh, and if you want to add us to your list, we’re @webworkerdaily.

How do you like the List feature? How do you use it?

13 Responses to “Get Organized With Twitter's Lists Feature”

  1. I use the List feature for research – I’m a masters student looking at market research trends. I can create a list of people also interested in that trend and use it to keep up with them and to find resources for my research. Any advice on how to get others to add to my list? It’s public, and I’m the curator but I’d love others who are interested to add to it, too. Thanks!

  2. Great to see that Twitter finally has a feature that I have been using in RSS readers for the last 4+ years. I’m not willing to give up my RSS reader for Twitter, although I might use them differently – Twitter for when I want to have a conversation and the RSS reader when “consuming” content.

    BTW: I got to this article through a watch list in my RSS reader…