Apple TV 3.0, iTunes 9.0.2 Released


Following a presumably unintentional disclosure in the terms of service for the iTunes Store, Apple has released Apple TV 3.0, as well as a corresponding update for iTunes.


As previously reported, Apple TV 3.0 supports iTunes LP and iTunes Extras, and does so with a new look. According to Eddy Cue, Apple VP of Internet Services, the new interface “gives you instant access to your favorite content.” The new interface continues an evolution away from Apple’s other media software, Front Row.

In addition to the “widescreen” interface, Apple TV 3.0 also includes Genius Mixes, Internet radio, and photo enhancements. For the latter, users can now flip through photos grouped by event, while face recognition software similar to iPhoto puts “snapshots” of each person named on a corkboard background. It’s sort of like wanted ads at the Post Office.

As for iTunes, besides supporting Apple TV 3.0, the 90 MB update adds “an option for a dark background for Grid View, and improves support for accessibility.” What’s not mentioned in the support note is that iTunes has once again been fixed to keep Palm from leeching off Apple via the Pre syncing with iTunes. Get a life, Palm.

That would probably be good advice for the Apple TV, too. While additional features are always good, features people really want are even better. Is the Apple TV really going to be the last one in the living room to support Netflix without hacks like XBMC?



I just updated to the latest version of Apple TV, and now “my music” skips when I have iTunes open on my laptop. Does anyone else have this problem?


Apple just need to update the hardware now 160 GBs Hard drive space is pretty ordinary and running on an outdated pentium M process, its time for an upgrade. Also needs more output support eg a headphone jack would be rather nice.


What I really want to see is easy access to BBC iPlayer – imho that would make the apple tv perfect!


Yep, that would be cool to have on the Apple TV – anything BBC in my book. Lets face it, you can always rely on the beeb for fair and balanced news, excellent and intelligent TV programmes and simply great radio.


Flickr lets you now save searches (i.e. black and white, architecture) save them, and use them as screen savers. A surprisingly nice feature.

Update removed patchstick, but I haven’t tried to re-install it. Anyone else have results?

Overall, I like the new interface, but having the split of my files, and itunes files at the top takes some getting used to. It makes me feel as though I have more videos then I really do.

Andrew Bednarz

Nothing for me to update my ATV until I know I can put XBMC/Boxee back on – thats all I use on it anyway (but do so almost every night)


same here bro. my kids (3 and 5) even know how to navigate and select their shows on boxee!

Denise Crown

I love the new interface but Apple needs to release an update for it’s remote application. I also like that now I can seemingly take advantage of 1080p… but, I really want Netflix.

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