Will Nokia’s First New Qualcomm-Powered Phone Launch With AT&T?

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First *Nokia* and Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) settled their patent royalties fight, then, the two companies signed a deal that would put Qualcomm chipsets in a new line of 3G phones for the North American market. Now, VentureBeat is reporting that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is slated to launch a Qualcomm-powered Symbian phone here in the U.S. — with AT&T (NYSE: T) as the service provider.

VentureBeat’s source says the final details are still being negotiated, so no insight on the launch date. But when the two companies brokered their chip deal in February, we were told that the first Qualcomm-powered Nokia phones wouldn’t launch until the middle of 2010. For now, Nokia’s focus is getting its N900 smartphone/mini-tablet released here in the U.S. The N900 was slated to launch at the end of September, but has since been pushed back to November.

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