NBA Brings League Pass To iPhone, Android; Out-Of-Market Package Runs $40

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The NBA is the latest league to launch live audio and video mobile apps — and the first to do it across multiple platforms at the same time. The apps include $40 NBA League Pass Mobile, with 40-plus out-of market games a week via mobiTV, that is supposed to go on sale in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace this morning, with BlackBerry to follow. NBA Digital GM Bryan Perez told mocoNews the league hopes to add in-market packages: “At some point, we will want to try and do a local in-market mobile package, coordinating with teams and regional sports networlks .” NBA Digital and MobiTV will share revenues or, as Perez puts it, “we both have a vested interest in signing up as many as possible.”

Subscribers to the linear package get broadband access at no extra charge. Perez says authentication issues make that too difficult to do now. “Right now, we don

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William Young

Honestly, I think it is great that the NBA is launching live audio and video mobile application. I can't wait to get the content on my Iphone.

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