What If Microsoft Had Developed Twitter? (Continued)

I got several good laughs out of Tsahi Levent-Levi’s speculative post “What If Microsoft Developed Twitter?” In it, he conjures up a Redmond-enhanced version of the microblogging platform that would look and work a little, er, differently from the one we’re using now. “You would have to sign a EULA for each tweet you send out,” he imagines. “You would have to reset your Twitter client every day,” he adds, and “you would have to get used to the blue tweet of death.” Here are four more attributes that we might expect from a Microsoft version of Twitter.

An unabridged eBook version of “War and Peace” would pop up as you load the  necessary software libraries and security patches in preparation for your first tweet of the day:

You would have the terms “Cancer” and “Hippie GPL Rubbish” emblazoned as watermarks on any tweet you send out on the topic of open source software:

As daily software updates arrived, you would have two, and only two options: “Install” and “Remind Me Later:”

Any attempts to use words such as “bang” or “bong” in tweets would be replaced with Bing:

What other enhancements would Microsoft’s version of Twitter have?