Michael Jackson Red Carpet Draws 1.8M


UstreamThisIsItYesterday’s official live stream from the red carpet of the premiere of Michael Jackson’s This Is It, powered by Ustream and hosted by Sony’s Crackle (s SNE), Facebook and the movie web site, drew 1.8 million total viewers and more than 155,000 peak simultaneous viewers, according to a representative for Ustream. Unlike far too many online video events, this one was international; feeds were distributed globally in six different languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

When I took a screenshot on Ustream yesterday at 4:53 p.m., the content was hardly thrilling — pictured is a would-be back-up dancer for the canceled tour depicted in the film — but there were more than 130,000 viewers tuned in.

Ustream’s most-streamed event of all time was Michael Jackson’s memorial service in July, for which the site hosted 4.6 million streams and 1.6 million uniques.

Also due today, according to a spokesperson for YouTube (s GOOG), are stats from U2’s live-streamed show on Sunday night.

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