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iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

iphone-3gTime for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! That’s a tough road to hoe with all of today’s talk about the Verizon Droid, but I’ll give it a go. But since I mentioned Verizon, it’s probably worth pointing out the latest talk of Apple’s iPhone appearing on the network. Apple Insider says a recent analyst report indicates it could happen in the second half of 2010. I still contend that Verizon may not need the iPhone as it once did. Aside from the Droid, more Android handsets are on the way as is the Palm Pre and the Storm 2 — which launched today with barely a whimper due to all the Droid news.

Speaking of news, I read today that the iTunes App Store is at or near 100,000 titles. That reminded me of an excellent John Gruber post on “quality vs quantity.” The Daring Fireball writer echoes my thoughts — if the quality of the apps are better on Android, webOS or some other platform, he’d switch. I hedged my bets by supplementing my iPhone with a Palm Pre, but that was for the operating system. Curious how many of you have switched or adopted a smartphone platform simply because the of the quality of the apps?

While you ponder that, have a look at the below video from junaio, an augmented reality iPhone app in the works. If I have this right, you can add virtual objects to the live camera view which is showing other virtual objects. The video probably explains it better than I do, but it appears that you can create or add items in the virtual world for others to see.

junaio from junaio on Vimeo.

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  1. 100,000 bzzzzzz (tongue out noise)

    At this point more useless apps just makes it that much harder to find the few good ones. Apple really needs to come up with a better system than the “featured” and “top” apps. Once you go beyond the best 50 apps you are on your own little camper.

    The app store is useless for shopping after about a week with the iphone. After that you only find new apps through sites like this one or friends. Not exactly the added value promised to developers.