Forecasting Windows 7

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, has much brighter prospects than Windows Vista had upon initial release. Its core code, while it comes from Vista, has been improved through several developer cycles; moreover, Windows 7 went through far more extensive beta testing than Vista ever did.

In addition to these points, our newest GigaOM Pro research report from Kevin over at jkOnTheRun, “Windows 7 Forecast: Mostly Sunny With a Chance of Showers,” takes a balanced look at one of Microsoft’s most important product releases in many years. Here are some of the highlights from Kevin’s analysis.

It’s Headed for Netbooks. As Kevin notes in his report: “Netbooks sold with Windows 7 ought to help tremendously with adoption rates, as that market is one of the few computer hardware categories showing signs of growth -– simply pre-installing Windows 7 on netbooks should give rise to a noticeable boost in the adoption rate while buffering against losing market share to other solutions.”

Fewer Hardware Problems Than Vista Had. Windows 7 goes to great lengths to overcome the hardware driver challenges and performance issues that plagued Windows Vista. And it reached more users during its beta testing phase than Vista ever did — which was a deliberate move on Microsoft’s part, compared to its past beta cycles.

New Types of Devices Targeted. The report also discusses how Windows 7 is positioned to be used on new types of touchscreen devices. These should come in many form factors, and could take Windows in directions it hasn’t gone toward before.

You’ll find these and many other topics discussed in our latest Pro research report. Subscribe for $79 to check it out here.


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