Did Droid Just KO the BlackBerry Storm2?

storm2-horizontalI just got off the phone with jkOnTheRun’s Kevin Tofel, and like every other geek, we were talking about Droid and its impact on the market. We were both wondering if Motorola’s (s MOT) release today of its Verizon-focused Droid handset killed the BlackBerry Storm2, the new version of the touchscreen device which also launched today. My argument is that Droid and other Android-based devices are much closer to the BlackBerry and, thus, are a bigger threat to the Canadian giant than they are to Apple (s AAPL). One of our commenters thought so as well.


RIM (s RIMM) has sent us its latest device for review. I think it’s very brave to do that, because I have not necessarily been shy about my view of Storm and its touchscreen. I am going to play around with this and give you my first-hand impressions. What are your thoughts? Do you think Google’s Droid leaves RIM hurting?

Hat tip to Ronak for the Storm vs Android chart link on Google Trends.