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Droid Invasion Has Begun — Verizon Gets Android

Droid by Motorola Front Open VZW EyeVerizon (s vz) has officially joined the Android (s goog) party with the announcement of the Droid by Motorola (s mot). The Droid has a 3.7-inch touchscreen, delivering an unusual 854×480 resolution. The phone is jam-packed with all of the usual components that a high-end phone must have these days:

  • EVDO Rev. A
  • GPS- Assisted and standalone
  • Removable memory- 16 GB
  • System memory- 512 MB
  • Removable battery
  • Wi-Fi
  • 5 MP Camera- DVD quality video recording supported
  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Onscreen virtual keyboard
  • Android 2.0

Droid 2.0The Droid will have the standard 3-screen home screen that Android provides but will be augmented by widgets from Verizon for user customization. It will support Exchange email out of the box, in addition to POP3 and IMAP. All of the expected Google apps are present and accounted for: Maps, Latitude, Talk, Voice Search, Gmail and Calendar. Verizon is also shipping the Droid with these apps: Corporate Calendar, Amazon MP3, Gallery, Music, Visual Voice Mail, Android Market and YouTube.

Droid is the first phone to feature the new Google Maps Navigation, offering free turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps. The phone will be available Nov. 6 for $199 with a 2-year contract. This price is after a mail-in rebate of $100.

7 Responses to “Droid Invasion Has Begun — Verizon Gets Android”

  1. Mauricio

    Would this phone work on the Sprint Network since both carriers uses the same CDMA technology?
    I like this phone but I am a Sprint customer (already have the Palm Pre) but looks like Android OS is more integrated with the Social Networks out there (look at the Motorola Cliq with the MotoBlur)
    If something like that were to be implemented in the Palm Pre with widgets like that, then that would be superb !

  2. If it was really like the commercial and the Verizon guy was actually following me around, I’d go to the ATM right now to give him the cash for a pre-order.

    It’s not just that this looks like a great phone, but also FINALLY Verizon doesnt have the crappiest phone lineup in the market. It’s like some exec over there woke up after a 7 year coma and said “Hey, why do all our phones suck so much?”