Yahoo’s Bartz: Company’s Operating Margins Are ‘Pathetic’

Straight-talking Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz did not disappoint during the company’s analyst day Wednesday, starting off her remarks by saying that the company’s six percent operating margins were “pathetic” and saying that the company had become “boring.” She went on, “Today is a journey back to respect. We are not here to wow you today. We are here to intrigue you.” We’ll see — and we’ll post on newsworthy items coming out of the meeting.

In her remarks, Bartz played up the company’s scale — both in terms of users and in the various businesses it is in: “We are not a search company, we are not a display company. We are a broad-based internet company.” Thus, she said, the company’s competition runs the gamut from the WSJ and Bloomberg in finance to CNN and the BBC in news (Notably, no mention of Google (NSDQ: GOOG), a company which she has repeatedly said she does not want the company to be compared to). Other things that make the company unique, she said: Its sales force, as well as its story: “We have fallen, and we really want to get up.” Bartz asked for applause at the end of her remarks — and some polite clapping followed.