paidContent Quick Hits 10.28.09

Get A Mac Ads

»  Apple’s ad budget is half-a-billion dollars. [Brainstorm Tech]

»  Young entrepreneurs are just fine, but Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson likes it when the “serial entrepreneurs” can use their experience to guide a project. [A VC]

»  Will professional voices on the web be overtaken by the “amafessionals” (amateur professionals)? [WSJ]

»  Some 1.8 million people watched Ustream’s red-carpet coverage of the premiere of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” documentary. [Mashable]

»  Highlights from the “Good Riddance to Mainstream Media” debate, where Michael Wolff, David Carr and others battled over the question of whether mainstream media should be allowed to die off. [NYU News]

»  A look at indie magazine Royal Flush‘s expansion under publisher Josh Bernstein. [MinOnline]

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