Forbes Layoffs Being Done Today; No Final Numbers


Credit: Flickr/wallyg

Forbes, which announced its intention for additional layoffs last week, finished up with its layoffs today. No specific number could be determined, and even the company PR doesn’t know the exact number, but total estimates have been reported to be about 100, with less than half of that from edit. Official statement from PR: “Forbes will not be confirming the number of layoffs that have occurred this week. It is a very sad day at the company and a sad day for our colleagues and friends.”

The company’s still searching for a new president to lead the pared-down version. The bigger question remains: going ahead, if Forbes think it is now “right-sized”, does Elevation just try to find a buyer for its stake, or does the company as a whole try to find a buyer? Because status quo clearly is not going to work for too long. For more on Forbes’ recent changes and troubles, read our dedicated company section.

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