2012 Apocalypse Confirmed by Microsoft for MSN Direct Service


bsod-watchYou have to hand it those clever Mayans. How the heck did they correctly predict the ending of the calendar for every SPOT watch in the world in 2012? It’s true — if you don’t believe me, just check the official Microsoft MSN Direct announcements page. It clearly states that the MSN Direct service will cease on January 1, 2012. How can you dispute the impeccable accuracy of the Mayan calendar now? And not only did the Mayans get the end of the SPOT watch calendar right, they even knew that we’d use the Internet to announce and prepare for the end of days. Amazing! ;)

Matt Miller got suckered into three SPOT watches while I bought one myself back in 2004 or so. I liked the concept  a smart watch that used FM radio to grab data, but the value never really met my expectations. The potential was there, but I think it’s wise for Microsoft to simply let MSN Direct die off. There are just too many better solutions than FM radio waves out there for connectivity — 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX — not to mention the maturity and acceptance of smartphones. I think I’ll bury my SPOT watch in a personal time capsule in case anyone lives beyond 2012 — call it my little joke for the mobile tech geeks of the future.



The Mayans couldn’t predict their own demise!!! We’re all gonna be grand.


I’d be sadder about this, but odds are the battery on my Swatch Paparazzi is going to be completely dead before then. That, and I picked it up off of eBay for $20.


The battery is dying in my 3rd SPOT watch so a few months ago I got a Casio G-Shock Solar WWV watch to replace it. Now the Abacus SPOT watch sits on my desk hooked to it’s USB cable and beeps at the top of the hour. When it beeps too far out of sync with the Casio I take it to lunch with me so it can sync back up with the local FM station (it gets no reception at my desk.)

I used to be able to take it home and it would sync with the Microsoft Campus FM signal but alas they packed that up last year.

I definitely give Kevin brownie points for the Mayan angle.


This is kind of ironic as I just pulled out and resurrected my Suunto n3i. I miss the spot service.


Heh. Nice try, but the Mayan Apocalypse isn’t until Dec 21st, 2012 :-)

(though, some scientists have claimed that that’s a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar, and the end of the “long year” isn’t until 2022 or something)

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