5 More Ways to Become a Mac Minimalist


My first post on becoming a minimalist with your Mac had great feedback, so I’m back with another round of tips to keep your digital workspace as simple as possible.

Reduce Finder Window Clutter


Right click on the top of any finder window and select “Customize Toolbar…” Drag out any items you don’t need. For example, I have no idea what to do with that Action menu.

Another thing to try is to right-click on the top of the window again and select “Text Only.” This should simplify all of your Finder windows.



Hide Tab bar. Hide Bookmarks bar. Customize your toolbar and remove all unnecessary buttons.


Turn off “Always show the tab bar.” Hide Bookmarks bar. Customize your toolbar by only showing text.


Stainless is an extremely simple to use web browser. Some might view its limitations as disappointing whereas I see them as a means to provide a non-distracting browsing experience. Tabs and a tiny bookmarking sidebar. That’s it. The company maintains a Twitter account to discuss development progress. Give it a download and let me know what you think. By the way, the above screenshot is the default appearance.

Really Clean Out Your Dock

Why do you still have such a full dock when all of your applications are only a few keystrokes away? Applications like Google Quick Search Box, LaunchbarQuicksilver and even Spotlight are available to help relieve your dock and still increase your productivity. I know some of you have tried these tools and just forgot to use them. That happened to me as well. It takes time to create the habit. Need to open Photoshop? Command + Space, “pho”, Enter. Now that I’m hooked on Quicksilver I can’t remember what it was like before.


Helvetica Takeover

Looking for a way to refresh your online applications? Do you like Helvetica? Even if you are unsure, you should check out the following Helvetica tweaks to your favorite online tools. Detailed installation instructions are available at each of the websites.

GMail: http://www.josefrichter.com/helvetimail


Google Reader: http://helvetireader.com


Google Calendar: http://www.iamadtaylor.com/helvetical

Twitter: http://www.josefrichter.com/helvetwitter

Full disclosure

In my first round of minimalism tips there was one part lacking further explanation. I had Tweetie open but there was no Tweetie window. Why? I use a Mimo Monitor. It is somewhat contradictory to recommend purchasing hardware and adding something to your work environment in a minimalism discussion. However, for $129 it is a simple way to move your task list, Twitter app, buddy list, or Adobe windows off screen. Below you can see a Mimo Monitor next to my 24″ iMac.


What are some of the ways you keep your Mac minimal?