BlackBerry Buzz — Service Pack Released; Storm 2 Coming; OS 5.0 for Storm


blackberry-buzzIt’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our weekly feature, BlackBerry Buzz. The Buzz is where you’ll find out what’s been going on in the BlackBerry brambles. You’ll hear about everything that’s worth knowing in the awesome world of the BlackBerry.

RIM (s rimm) is not one known for service packs but they have released one for the Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 program. The SP addresses some issues with BDM 5.0, the most notable being adding support for Windows 7 and an interface for using the BlackBerry as a modem. You can download the SP directly from RIM.

Verizon is poised to launch the Storm 2 this week. The successor to RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry is getting good reviews from just about everyone who tries it. The Storm 2 still lacks a physical keyboard but has an improved SurePress clicky screen compared to the original model. The new Storm 2 is eligible for purchase under Verizon’s BOGO program, making good deals possible.

Owners of the original Storm, and I fall in that group, now have BlackBerry OS 5.0 available. I applied it yesterday to my Storm and see overall performance improvements. Rotating from portrait to landscape orientation now is almost instantaneous, a big improvement. The update can be obtained through the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, or directly from RIM online.

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