Roku Selling Upgraded Set-Top Boxes With HD Built-In

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Credit: Roku

Netflix-backed Roku is selling new versions of its set-top box. Earlier this year, the company offered a software upgrade that gave its standard definition player the ability to play HD content, as part of its deal to stream video from *Amazon* VOD; now users can get HD quality from the start with two new Roku boxes. The pricing and specs are as follows:

— Roku SD player: $79.99; standard video quality
— Roku HD player: $99.99; HD video and audio
— Roku HD-XR: $129.99; HD video and audio; a USB port for “future use,” with 802.11n connectivity (for faster content transmittal speeds over the air) built-in.

Roku says it has new content partnerships to announce “in the coming weeks;” it added to the roster in August. It plans to launch a “Channel Store,” which will give users the ability to sort through content by category, and customize which channels get featured on the home screen when they first turn the Roku player on.

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Dan Rayburn

It says "now users can get HD quality from the start with two new Roku boxes." But that's not quite accurate. Users have two HD capable Roku units to choose from, but of the two "new" Roku boxes, one of them only support HD video, which you do point out.

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