StatShot: Dollhouse Is a Doozy on Twitter


Because the Gleeks have basically taken over Twitter with their musical Tweets, crushing the competition on the Most Twittered TV Shows list, the good folks at Trendrr decided mix things up this week. With Glee‘s dominance out of the picture the remaining graph looks more interesting.

Dollhouse scored nicely with roughly 8,500 Twitter posts on Friday. That was probably because of all the Whedonistas crying about the fact that the show is going on hiatus in November. Dexter slashed his way onto the list with more than 5,200 tweets.


Of course we didn’t just ignore Glee, we just gave the show its own graph on account it being so darn popular. The show continues to grow, peaking at nearly 57,000 tweets last Thursday.


NOTE: The weekly top five most twittered shows is put together from an analysis of tweets matching the exact names of 63 television programs. Trendrr looks at the source data to check that at least 95% of the tweets are related to the show. For more metrics surrounding your favorite show, go to and put the name of the show into the search tab.



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Your explanation about Dollhouse only getting the number of tweets it did because fans were “crying” over the hiatus doesn’t fly. If you’re going to comment on reasons, at least bother to check things out. The hiatus was announced long before Friday rolled around, the tweets on Friday were all because of an amazing episode of the show. In addition, Dollhouse has been a trending topic on Twitter at least twice before.

Simple fact is it’s a good show that’s being left to wither on the vine deliberately by Fox. Fox’s efforts at promoting the show this season have been laughable at best and outright absent at worst. It’s the fan efforts on Twitter that have caused it to remain popular there in spite of Fox’s indifference to the show.

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